TrashAware : English

December 17, 2009

The TrashAware is a project involving an enhanced Trash-can and an artifact called “Sustainability Pyramids”, which encourages a consumer to be more aware of his/her waste/trash generation. The project is implemented along 3 central concepts namely 1) Awareness, 2) Sustainability and 3) Gameplaying.

The basic idea of ‘Awareness’ is that the TrashCan is able to display the amount of trash inside using a LED progess bar on the outside. ‘Sustainibility’ and ‘Gameplaying’ are however mixed, in which a consumer loses his/her ‘sustainability scores’ for generating more trash. Throughout the game period which lasts for around a week, the consumer can see his/her scores displayed directly. The artifact called “Sustainability Pyramids” is the other object in the project, which keeps track of the sustainability scores of past three weeks. It does this in a kind of fuzzy way, in which the pyramids glow in the color of the score, green being the most sustainable and red being the least. By the end of a game round, the scores are updated in the TrashCan and the Pyramids as well.

The objective of this ubiquitous computing project is to try to make people more conscious about their trash generation in more of a subtle way. While the scores on Trash-can provides direct scores to the consumers, the pyramids are an important part of the project because they constantly remind him/her of the comparative sustainable life he/she has had for the past weeks. We believe that this product allows for a new way to visualize the trash generated and hence increase people’s awareness in a subconscious level.


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